Kumamushi Genome Project

Genome sequence of an extreme animal

Kumamushi is tardigrades (water bears) in Japanese. This tiny animal is phylogenetically interesting as they are believed to sit in-between worms and arthropods on the tree of life. Besides, this organism is known to survive the following extreme environments when dehydrated.

  • High (151°C)[1] and low (-273°C)[2] temperatures.
  • High (7.5GPa)[3] and low (open space vacuum)[4] pressures.
  • X-rays (5,000Gy)[5], Gamma-rays (6,000Gy)[6,7], and Helium ion beam (7,000Gy)[7] radiations.

Our goal is to reveal the molecular basis of tolerance to those enormous stresses by decoding the genome sequence of this creature.


We developed the efficient rearing system[8] of the extremotolerant tardigrade Ramazzottius varieornatus, one of the desiccation tolerant water bears. We isolated a strain named "YOKOZUNA-1" from an egg and established a culture for our genome project.


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